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Residential Services / Fire Alarms

24/7 Fire Alarm Protects Your Home

Fire pose a danger to your home and family. Fire can injure people and destroy their precious belongings. Allied Security Alarms fire alarms detect smoking and burning fires and send signals to our Central Monitoring Center, where our trained staff promptly alerts the local fire department as well as the responsible person listed on your account. A well designed fire alarm system will minimize losses to your house, possessions and will even save your life and those you love.

We Install, Service And Test Fire Alarms

We design fire alarm systems to fit the layout of your house. We personalize the system to fit your needs and budget. Our engineers install, service, test and monitor the leading-edge fire alarm systems we design. Our fire alarm systems are regularly tested to make sure they are working properly.

24/7 Central Monitoring Station

Our fire alarm systems are monitored 7 days a week, 24 hours a day by our staff at the Central Monitoring Station. Our monitoring station is UL listed and complies with strict regulations and guidelines.

We follow the rules and regulations of local fire departments. Our staff regularly cooperates with the fire department for the protection of our customers.

Residential Fire Alarm System Options:

  • hard-wired
  • wireless

Call 1-800-684-1111

Call 1-800-684-1111 to find out about the various options available for residential fire alarms.