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Residential Services

Choice of Home Security Systems

Fire and theft will seriously disrupt the harmony of your family. When you need a security system, call us.

Personalized Security Solutions

We offer a variety of high-tech loss prevention solutions for all types of home, large or small. Our security engineers will design a personalized solution to fit the needs and budget of your family. Our engineers are experts in the latest leading-edge home security systems. We've been in security business for more than 35 years. Leave your home security concerns to us.

Various Security & Health Solutions

Allied Security Alarms installs the following home security and health solutions:

  • burglar alarms
  • fire alarms
  • medical alarms

Once your security systems have been installed our trained staff monitors your home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to protect you and your family from intruders, burglars, accidental fires.

We offer medical alarm systems for those unable to summon medical assistance on their own. The alarm signals notifies our Central Monitoring Center, where our staff will summon the paramedics or the emergency contacts on the customer's behalf.

Areas Served

Allied Security Alarms provides services to businesses located throughout the greater Bay Area as well as those located throughout the nation.