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Commercial Services / Access Control

Bay Area Alarm Security Solutions / Commercial Services

Security Doors

We install and service keyless access control systems for a single door or for multiple doors. We customize various styles and types of security systems for our customers.

Our expert engineers customize entrance security systems for different types of businesses and for various purposes. Call us to find out the right security system for you.

Advantages of Door Access Control Systems

Door access control systems provide the following advantages:

Bay Area Alarm Security Solutions / Commercial Services
  • network doors in multiple locations
  • Change employee access privileges easily
  • Control access to sensitive areas
  • restrict casual walk-in traffic
  • disarm burglar alarm sensors during entry
  • eliminate the need to re-key the entire building
  • control areas of employee access

Access Control System Options:

Door access control systems come with various options:

  • access activity reports
  • burglar alarm deactivation with authorized entrance
  • automatic door unlock during fire alarms
  • employee profiles in database
  • multiple door access capability
  • access schedule control
Our access control systems protect your employees and valuable assets.

Brivo Online Access Control Systems

We are an authorized dealer of Brivo Online Access Control Systems, state-of-the art Web-based security systems. Brivo Online Access Control Systems offer customers the following benefits:

Brivo / Bay Area Alarm Security Solutions / Commercial Services
  • No dedicated servers are required.
  • No software installation required.
  • All IT functions and maintenance are managed by Brivo.
  • Administration of the system is centralized on the Web
  • A wide-area wireless system links all offices and buildings.
  • Customers receive incident notification via email, phone or pager.
  • An individual needs only one credential to enter multiple sites.
** For more details visit our Brivo Online Access Control Systems web page.

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Call us at 1-800-684-1111 to find out more about the types of security access control your business needs.