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Commercial Services / Video Surveillance

Bay Area Alarm Security Solutions / Commercial Services

24/7 Video Surveillance Systems

A video surveillance system provides added security to your business. If you need to see the activities of customers or employees or others happening in any location of your business, while you're busy with other business issues, a video security system will help you.

Bay Area Alarm Security Solutions / Commercial Services

Advantages of CCTV

A video surveillance system gives you the following advantages:

  • visual monitoring of important business areas
  • visual view of your entrances
  • video records of activities of your business area
  • theft prevention
  • monitor customer and/or employee transactions

Custom Video Security Solution

We install and monitor video surveillance systems from our Central Monitoring Station 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Our video surveillance systems feature leading-edge digital cameras, digital video recorders and video entry/intercom systems.

Our engineers can customize a security video system that uses low-light cameras to enhance night vision, interactive dome cameras with 360-degree rotation and high resolution cameras to capture details.

We design CCTV systems that provide a constant surveillance of your offices, warehouses, laboratories, stores, equipment stations, entrances, among others.

Whatever your security needs are our engineers will customize a security solution to fit your business needs and budget.

Call 1-800-684-1111

Call us at 1-800-684-1111 to learn about video surveillance systems that fit your business needs and budget.