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Residential Services / Medical Alarms

24/7 Medical Alarm Protects Your Life

We install and service medical alarms for people who may be living alone or are left alone at times and who may at times be unable to summon paramedics on their own. Medical alarms can bring the neccessary medical attention to such people. They not only save lives but also bring the peace of mind, knowing that you or your loved one is protected in case of medical emergencies.

Safety After Fall

For those senior citizens living alone or in assisted living facilities, an unexpected fall may not allow such persons to summon medical assistance on their own. With a medical alarm system, summoning help is simple.

How Medical Alert Works

Simply pressing your Personal Help Button puts you in immediate contact with the staff at our 24/7 Central Monitoring Center. Our trained staff will then speak directly with you over the built-in hands-free two-way speakerphone to find out what kind of help or personal assistance you need. If our staff can not establish 2 way voice communications - they will immediately notify paramedics or your pre-established emergency contacts on file.

Our Central Monitoring Center monitors your medical alert system 7 days a week, 24 hours per day.

Call 1-800-684-1111

Call 1-800-684-1111 to find out about the medical alarms that will get the medical assistance you need.